Saturday, July 3, 2010

Author. Reading.

I recently read Nature Noir: A Park Ranger's Patrol in the Sierra. It's a work memoir by Jordan Fisher Smith, about his time working at a park in California--dust, boredom, flood control issues, suicides, doughnuts, campers, cougars, and so on. I recommend it highly.

So I was charmed to find this video of the author reading from the book--literally reading from it--on his deck. It's summer reading at its simple best.--David E


Lake Mills Library said...

Smith has a long article in the current issue of Discover magazine on the BioSphere entitled "Life Under the Bubble."

Magers and Quinn Booksellers said...

I'll check it out, thanks. I'm a big fan of your blog, by the way. I admire your candor.