Thursday, February 5, 2009

Social Networking for Introverts

God help me, I've started a facebook page for Magers & Quinn. I can't pretend to know how facebook works. I can't even give you a direct link to the store's page, but if you're already a seasoned facebooker I'm sure you can find us. (Wait, is it here?) Friend us, write on our wall, and watch as a cardigan-wearing introvert bookstore employee dips his toe into the world of social networking. It should be fun.--David E


Jodi said...

You'll be a Twittering, social-networking fiend in no time.

Magers and Quinn Booksellers said...

I tried tweating, but it didn't really take.

I'm not really sure yet how to use facebook. Any tips?

Jess said...

You can import blog posts into the M&Q facebook page, which will make it really easy for you to add content. While on the M&Q page, click Edit page -->Notes-->Add a blog (on the right), then add your RSS feed and your (delightful) daily posts will be automatically up on facebook.

Magers and Quinn Booksellers said...

That was exactly what I was trying to do and failing! You're like a god. What's normal to you is mindblowing to me!

Keep the tips coming, kind reader.

El Jefe said...

This is great work, David. Now don't forget to also sign up for the Books & Bars Facebook group, the official book club of Magers & Quinn. We meet every second Tues at Bryant Lake Bowl.

All are welcome.

Jeff Kamin
Books & Bars